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    GI and Nausea issues

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    I've been doing time trials once a week since May and I didn't have any GI issues until the hot weather hit. The last 3 time trials the outdoor temp has been around 28c. The TT area does not have any shade and the heat radiates off the pavement so it's probably a bit hotter there than forecasted. The last 3x I've had issues. First time I'm thinking I bonked. Not a pleasant experience but a cliff bar and H2O and 20 minutes later was feeling not so bad. The last two times half way during the time trial I got nauseated. I tried eating 3 hrs before the TT last time and that didn't sit well either but if I don't eat I'll bonk for sure. I'm thinking I must be doing something wrong. What and when do you eat in warmer/hot temperatures outside prior to TT?.
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    Well, it's been a VERY long time since I did any time trialing, but the steady exertion is pretty similar to running. Under those conditions I'm just going to get nauseous, personally, and as long as I neither bonk nor pass out from the heat I call it good. But there's a lot of good research behind pre-cooling, especially for a shorter event. (20K? 40K?) The idea is to cool your body any way you can before the event, including by drinking supercooled water (slushie or shaved ice). You could bring some in a cooler, and also toss some wet shirts into the cooler to wear before your start. Practice on a non-race day so you know how to avoid brain freeze and muscle seize.
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    I have used Red Mill Almond Flour and Trader Joe's and they were fine. I have also been on Elana's site and while I was happy with some of the recipes, I found her recommendations to be a bit much. I am no longer eating Paleo, and even when I was, I just couldn't be that picky. You can take the clean eating as far as you want; I've managed to lose weight and feel fine by drastically cutting my meat consumption, adding a few selected whole grain foods in, and keeping all of the great veggies, etc I learned about.




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