Hello TE Ladies,

First time poster, long time lurker. I am coming to you because I hope to convince a couple of fellow cyclists join a tour. It is with Backroads to Myanmar(Burma), Nov 28- Dec 5. The tour needs 2 more people to sign up in order go!

Myanmar just opened it's doors to tourism in 1996 and is relatively undiscovered compared to other Asian countries. I feel this sense of urgency to visit Myanmar before it becomes too westernized! But don't think that means this tour will be rough. Backroads is a top-notch touring company, with great route support and we will be staying in premier hotels. This will (hopefully) be my 5th or 6th tour with Backroads.

I am seriously starting to lose sleep, worried that not enough people with join the tour. Please share with your significant other, friends, family, bike club, co-workers, etc.

Backroads Myanmar Nov 28- Dec 5

Article on why to go to Myanmar


PS: I will be travelling alone, wonderful husband is staying at home to take care of the dogs.