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    Everyone who loves this trail should know that a supreme court decision could put it at risk!


    Let's all hope they rethink this position.
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    Quote from the article: "Justice Stephen Breyer, who has had three bicycling accidents since 1993 — the last of which in April resulted in a shoulder replacement — envisioned a future in which landowners could be besieged by bikers.

    "I certainly think bicycle paths are a good idea," he said, but "for all I know, there is some right-of-way that goes through people's houses, you know, and all of a sudden they are going to be living in their house, and suddenly a bicycle will run through it."
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    (more nutjob legal wrangling)
    Since we have three major trails that attract bike tourists from all, I think if they were truly endangered we'd hear about it. The tourist dollars from the Trail of the Coeur d'Alenes and the Hiawatha have had significant positive impact on some small communities around here, and if that were to be cut off, I think there'd be something happening.
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    Quote Originally Posted by smittykitty View Post
    Awaiting your Western WA blog report. Can't wait to see where you visited. You chose the best time to be here, weather wise.

    Oh, having grown up in Honey Bucket country, I thought that's what everyone called them! Funny!
    Haha...no, not at all, being from North Carolina. They are managed by different companies all over the country. I'd never seen one with as cute a name as Honey Bucket!

    I'm afraid you will be disappointed in our Western WA rides. Our first day, it rained, so we didn't ride at all, just took a walk (between showers) to buy groceries. We did ride into Seattle on our second full day, and up to Black Diamond on our third, but that was it. We had a VRBO booked in Walla Walla starting July 1 so just didn't have a lot of time in western WA. In fact, going there at all was almost an afterthought. When we left my DH's parents' home in Ohio for Walla Walla, we had no idea how long we might take meandering westward. Our goal was to travel no more than 5 hours in the car at a stretch, and to stop in numerous places along the way to ride. We did that. As we got farther west, we realized we'd have a few extra days, so why not go to Seattle? Obviously we could have used a couple of weeks or a month there.

    Ah well, that will be another year. We hope to be traveling for a long time to come!

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