Hi TE friends,

It's not too late to have a unique summer adventure - registration for the Mass BikePike Tour (Aug 7-10) ends next Sunday the 20th. If you love having 4 days (only two days off from work if you are in the Northeast!) with no responsibilities beyond ride, eat, relax, and talk with new friends, here's your chance to see why we're the Friendliest Tour in the East.

I know in my world, there’s the planned trip to Storyland for the 3-year old’s sake, and the “vacation” out to the in-law’s house - the Mass BikePike Tour is the time I get for ME (even though I’m working during it, it still feels like a vacation!)

For more info, see www.massbikepike.org or just ask here! Every time I go I sort of want to be a traveling spirit going from tour to tour!