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    Nice. Our farmers' markets don't begin for another three to five weeks, but the spring has been so early that one farmer has been selling single-week mini-CSA baskets for a month already. Wishing you favorable weather, cooperative equipment, minimal pests and enthusiastic customers for the upcoming season!
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    smilingcat, thank you for being willing to sell at a farmer's market even if you don't have that much produce to sell. I so appreciate small farmers selling lovely homegrown produce whenever I can find a farmer's market as we travel!

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    Wish we could buy from you. Certainly if I knew where you were if we were travelling in area, we would drop by. Many of our bike trips and other travels do include a local farmers' market to get flavour of the place. For instance, we've been to a large Portland market on campus. My partner was a part-time farmer for a decade and also keenly supports local markets.
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    A grown man wants fresh apple from my farm. I politely told him its only mid-April and that earliest, apples will not be available in our area till July or so. He said then why is fresh apples available in the supermarkets? Yes he did say it and he was miffed. forget about the fact that I don't grow apples, pears, quince or any of the stone fruit.

    I guess the generation where milk comes in a box, juice comes concentrated in a can. And you get eggs in a carton at the store. sigh...

    Another man was angry at what I was asking for my dozen eggs. He said "You (us farmers) are crazy to be asking for what a steak costs" Go away!! If you can't tell a difference between our eggs and eggs labeled "free range/organic chicken eggs" at the supermarket. Ours really run around and eat bugs, dandelions and other goodies. BTW steak costs a lot more per pound than our eggs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by smilingcat View Post
    Another man was angry at what I was asking for my dozen eggs. He said "You (us farmers) are crazy to be asking for what a steak costs"
    Crazy - if you don't want to pay what someone is asking...then move along! I'd love to see him walk into Walmart and try to negotiate egg prices.

    Our backyard chickens (we only have 5, so nowhere near what you're doing) are about 5 weeks away from being old enough to lay. We are having a lot of fun! I'll admit, when my son wanted chickens I wasn't that excited (bad memories of backyard chickens when I was six) but we're falling in love with them. They've just moved out of our garage and into their coop/backyard play area and believe it or not they love the golden retriever (and she loves them).



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