As you know I was a lucky girl last September at Interbike and came home with a custom Gilles Berthoud Bike, "Bernard" is beautiful and all has been good except for the Phil Wood Hub. He doesn't like to free wheel. At first we thought it was because the bike had been in storage for over a year and it just needed some miles. Well it certainly has some miles now and still not free wheeling. The Bike Hermit called Phil Wood yesterday and was able to have a great conversation with one of the Tech's. Apparently there is a spring involved and said spring should never be removed because simply removing and replacing is enough to affect the performance. So somewhere in Bernard's past, we suspect the spring was fiddled with and then the BH fiddled with it yesterday as well because there is nothing stated anywhere we can find about this touchy spring. Okay so no worries, we can deal with that. He calls the sales department and ask for a new spring. Well.... They won't sell the spring. They want us to pull the hub and mail to them and they will install the spring. So cost to mail, cost to replace and time without a bike, not cool. I may replace it with a white industries hub - had that on the Rivendell and never any issues.

The free wheel issues doesn't affect performance while pedaling but really notice the slow down if I coast and sometimes this girl appreciates a good coast.