So, I'm up here in Ottawa and I haven't driven my car in what will be 2 weeks as of tomorrow. Nope, not kidding. Haven't driven. I have ridden every day and for the most part, it has been wonderful. However, I am getting really sick of this week!

Yesterday, it poured. The most rain that I have seen since early winter in Britain several years ago. We got a ton of HARD rain and I tried to make it into the office but I was dealing with high water at every turn. I had to wring out my clothing when I finally got home from my turn around. My shoes are still drying out - this is the first time they have ever gotten wet inside. Even with raingear, I was SOAKED. So, that was bad.

Today, I went out, got coffee early and then was headed into work when my tire started to wilt. Made it to the bike shop (you're never far here) and brought it down to the wrenches and said, "I've been having rear flats since April. They are slow leaks. Everyone thinks I'm crazy."

And they admitted that it seemed odd until we went over the tire one last time, holding it up to a light the entire time. Boom! A very small but LONG slash in the tire. So, I replaced the tire (of course!) and they were surprised I was so happy to hear the news but I was seriously loosing my mind as this is like the 6th flat since April. So, yeah, my hometown shop never found it when I asked them them to look. I never found it. But the two wrenches and I did today. My rear is now a different tire but the same size with flat protection. yay!

I really hope my commute gets better after this. This has NOT been my week.