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    Am I a sucker or what?!

    Background: In August I started a new job which isn't commute friendly because I am itinerant over a fairly large area. My old bike commute is one of the few things I even miss about my old job.

    My school district provides a rather limited program 3 mornings/week for some of the weeks of summer break for kids who have demonstrated regression over school breaks during the year. The speech pathologist who was to co-teach the session backed out and there was a desperate plea for help.

    My first thought was--nah--it's too far to ride my bike, but my clever husband reminded me that I could ride light rail to the end of the line and then ride my bike. So now it is a summer commuting adventure and a gesture of good will at work.

    I have sort of decided that my work specialty is WRSTNEW: Weird random stuff that nobody else wants.
    Each day is a gift, that's why it is called the present.

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    Remember that old commercial - some to the effect of "get Mikey to do it" hope you have a great experience both with the commute and the kiddos
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    new adventures and weird random stuff ftw ...have great commutes and a positive impact on the students!!!!
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    Not a sucker.
    I took my job because it's a 5 mile commute. Totally selfish. I mean, it's the kind of job I wanted, but the commuting was foremost on my mind.
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    I can pretty much count on the kids being fun.

    Some of the other staff have expressed their concern about whether I will be okay. I mapped it and it is only six miles! I drove around the area yesterday to take a look at the road surfaces and everything is fine. Of course it isn't touring some beautiful countryside, because it is the western suburbs of Salt Lake City, but hey! a ride is a ride! The first day is June 17th. I have some flexible days next week when I can do a test ride.

    Salt Lake City started a new program where residents can buy a 1 year transit pass (bus, light rail and commute rail) for $30/month. Brewer and I are such fans that we signed up even though we are only occasional riders. This will also give me a chance to get out an use my HIVE Pass!
    Each day is a gift, that's why it is called the present.

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    I think it's awesome to get to combine transit and rail! Good for you. A commute is good for the soul. And I am sure it will be a good time with the kids.

    I honestly love working with "kids" with dyslexia or who are kinesthetic learners. I grew up with a sister who needed a lot of extra help because of both of those things and have learned a thing or two. When I was tutoring for Indiana, I got a ton of practice with both and the same happened when I move here. I like to help students troubleshoot their learning abilities, which is random and odd for faculty or sub-faculty like me but it's the change I need to keep myself going. I get that.
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