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    Swelling normal on long rides?

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    I just finished my first 50 mile ride and am now experiencing some swelling down there. Is this a normal experience for new riders on long distance rides? Or a saddle problem?

    I am not experiencing any other side-effects (such as chafing). Admittedly, I have not spent much time in my own saddle due to time commitments. Perhaps I just need to get my butt used to riding a bike again?
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    I'm guessing its a little over use for what you are used too. Try a little ice, Advil and maybe your fav. brew,etc. Should get better with more time in the saddle.
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    In the end, in spite of speed or lack thereof it's all about TITS (time in the saddled) time plus adequate lubrication and changing position every now and then but above all else at least for me, it is TITS time.
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