I don't know about anywhere else, but in Vienna there are a ton of one way streets and almost as many exceptions for cyclists. It's a stupid rule but it makes taking the bike much faster in the city.

So I went against one of those one way streets. It was super early and no cars were around. I was approaching a crossing and just as I put my finger on the brake a police car comes screaming round the corner almost running me over. I pulled the brakes and if my reaction time were worse, I'd be trying to find wifi in the hospital now.

And the best part is: The copper gets out of his car and starts yelling at me about how he could've killed me and that this is a one-way street (he probably meant a one-way street without bike exceptions) and that he wants my name and address and he's writing me a ticket for reckless driving.
At that moment, I was doubting myself. Is this really a bike exception road or did I not look at the signs? Was this really my fault? But as he starts taking out his notepad, I squint to see the road sign and it clearly states "one-way except bikes". So I start, very calmly, to tell the officer to stop writing because this was not my fault. He would've had to slow down and take the corner at a safer speed.
He starts yelling again about being defiant and what not and that I need to be careful or he will up the fine for defying an officer...etc.
So I tell him about the sign and that I'm well within my right to drive here and that it was his fault.
When he saw that I was right, he just got into his car and sped off without another word.

Isn't it heartwarming to know that our friends and helpers are doing such a great job at "protecting" us from harm...