hi everyone,

I'm using my bike to get around town (or at least I'm planning on doing that again). That means, I'm not just commuting to work and back home, but I'm using my bike to go to Uni, the library, to meet friends and anywhere else that I need to go. Going by bike is super practical because it's not really a very big city and going places means max. 30 min drive.

The problem is, Vienna is built on hills. You can't go ANYWHERE without it being either down- or uphill and it can get quite steep if you don't want to take the 5k detour (that is probably not even much flatter).
This also means, that wherever I go - I arrive sweaty. Depending on the route I'll be drenched. I'm not even going fast or anything (especially with all the red lights)...how do you deal with that?
I mean, nobody in class cares if my hair looks weird and I can change into another t-shirt. But if I have to go places and actually look a bit like a normal person, all the sweatiness is unhelpful.