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    Nice post on introducing newbies to riding

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    Most of us already know this stuff, but all of it bears repeating.

    Speed comes from what you put behind you. - Judi Ketteler

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    That is really well-done!
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    I like it too. Thanks for sharing.

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    Thanks for sharing this!

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    That was a good article.

    The helmet debate going on in the comments after the article is very interesting!

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    I shared this article around. My husband wanted to add one more item: Don't assume that the new bicyclist will share your passion.
    That's good advice for any hobby that someone is new to.
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    It's a good article..and reminder..

    DON’T tell them about all the bike stuff they “need” to get. Sure it’s fun to vicariously shop for bike stuff via the newbie, but before you know it, you’ve told them about the newest bike suspension and how they need to get a hydration pack, $80 bike shorts, and socks with martini glasses on the cuff. Remember, most new riders will have just as much fun on a 15-year-old bike and wearing boring old crew socks.
    Just last year, I listened in horrified fascination to hear a store clerk in MEC, a multi-sporting goods and apparel chain store, tell another clerk, who was female, of all this stuff (he reeled off 10 different things which would have costed easily over $400.00), she had to get as a new cyclist. I should have gone over and say you don't need half of that stuff for the first year to enjoy cycling.
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