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    Wake up drivers!

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    Yesterday was our first time out on our road bikes, and we rode our usual 30 mile route. Most of the ride is on really low traffic roads however there is a small section that has marked bike lanes that goes thru a really busy area. We were in that busy section riding in the marked bike lanes and the following incidents happened. We came upon a red light, a car turning right had pulled across the bike lane and was stopped waiting to turn right. We rode up and stopped waiting for the car across the bike lane to turn right and for the light to turn green. The light turns green we all start to go, the car in front has made the right turn and the bike lane is clear of traffic. Out of the corner of my left eye I see a flash of dark blue and just by sheer instinct I veered the bike to the right and ended up jamming on the brakes. A older dark blue pickup truck cut in front of me and turned right. They almost took the front half of my bike with them. We all started yelling various pleasant comments at the driver of the pickup whom by all accounts was completely oblivious to what had just occurred as they just drove off without looking back or making any indication they realized what just transpired. We all continue on thru the busy intersection and now have a short incline to ride up that has an entrance to a small mall on the right. We are very aware we need to watch every car in this area and be proactive in avoiding any accidents. All of us are wearing bright neon colours that are hard to miss......however......just as we were passing the entrance on our right (we are in a marked bike lane) another pickup truck (red) wants to turn left across 2 lanes of oncoming traffic plus the bike lane. I make eye contact with the truck driver and continue riding straight. I'm halfway across the entrance and the driver of the pickup decides to make the left turn. I see him coming, I start yelling and waving one arm while hitting the brake with the other hand and I end up being pushed out into traffic to avoid being hit by the truck. The pickup stops thankfully, then the a$$hole driver starts yelling at me about getting the hll out of his way and how lucky I was he didn't run me over. He backed up a few feet and then just gunned it and drove right around me. It all happened so fast. This driver SAW me, he KNEW I was crossing in front of him but yet decided to do what he did anyway. Apparently waiting that 10 seconds to let us pass was just to inconvenient. Most of the drivers in that area are usually very considerate of cyclers. It's a popular cycling route and drivers have often seen bikers out in that bike lane. Seeing how it's early in the bike season, drivers have forgotten what a bike lane actually is or we just managed to run across some very inconsiderate drivers. Whatever the reason keep your head on a swivel when out there, you just never know !!!.
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    My friend and I were out riding yesterday, and your first incident was almost identical to yours. I was as close
    to "flipping the bird" as I have been in years. Seriously??? What did it save that jerk...25 seconds? However,
    I refuse to believe that there is nothing I can do, and I wave at each driver who courteously gives me extra room.
    Everyone who gets a car license should be required to ride a bike to see what it feels like!!

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    In some cases, bike lanes are great. In other cases, they push you into a door zone or expose you to being right-hooked. And they do nothing to protect you from people who are impatient, distracted, etc. I was once almost right-hooked while cycling in a bike lane by a big SUV with a sign on the door that said "CLERGY." Evidently some clergy think some of the 10 commandments are optional when bicycles are involved.

    I do my best to avoid high-traffic areas when I'm out cycling for recreation. Of course that's not so easy when you're using your bike for transportation, running errands, commuting, etc.

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