Maybe I just don't how to react except plough along ahead.

Today I was in a planning meeting with my supervisor. Then when we got to topic about planning more details, she said I don't like frustrating you. You seem to want to plan well, know a lot, etc. She was crying and kept talking, saying that she doesn't know why she cries. I didn't ask her out right why she is cries whenever. But I simply politely talked through with her and suggested: "You know, you could delegate". Thereafter we figured out something where I could be at certain meetings with her and support her.

Now this is almost 2 yrs. later this has happened... again. I thought by now she had wrestled down her insecurities or whatever it is. My post during that time in history here:

She is an experienced supervisor but she is managing part of operations and services, where she doesn't have trained expertise like myself. That's why my role exists.
She is over 50 (close to my age).