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    Entry level, for under a 1000

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    Have decided cyclocross bikes offer me what i'm looking for, stronf bike happy off-road, with no surspension but remain light, that with a try change are quick on-road. However it has been hard trying to find a bike the right size, between 44-47cm and realisticlly my budget has to be under a thoudsand pounds, any help?


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    Are you looking for a type or a vendor? Since you listed pounds instead of dollars, I assume you are in the UK. Wiggle.com has a lot of cyclocross bikes. Also, Ribble.com has a winter training bike that is a road bike, but could possibly take wider tires. Nice steel. Smaller sizes available. Not sure it would fit your riding needs, but you can choose your component and keep it exactly at the pricepoint you want.

    Other than that, I'd say a Surly Cross Check. The Straggler would be cool, but costs a lot more. Check out Surly Bikes in general. The Troll is a nice, rigid framed workhorse and takes 26" tires.
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    The Kona Jake is a basic 'cross bike that gives a lot for the money. The smallest size available is 47cm, so it might work with a bit of tweaking.
    'Cross bikes have a high bottom bracket and the wheels are pretty large diameter with big tires on, so it's difficult to make a really small one. There is a 24" wheel version of the Jake available for very small adults or older children, I believe.
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    Until last year, Cannondale used to sell cross bikes in smaller size, like 44cm. Maybe you can scoop a used on: look for the CAADX (their aluminum frame); SuperX is the carbon version. The CAADX retailed under $1500 with Shimano 105. Specialized has bikes as small as 46cm, I believe (the "Crux"). The Konas were very big when I was shopping around for one. (I ended up spending a lot more than I wanted/anticipated, but I am *very* happy with my bike, a Focus Mares CX2)



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