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    I used to have not one, but two cats who would follow along behind when I walked the dog. They stayed close and meowed loudly so everyone would know there were two diva cats out for a stroll. The neighbors all thought the sight was hysterical.

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    I walk my 3 dachshunds every evening and my two cats almost always try to come with us. Some nights I'll let them walk about a block, then walk back home and put them inside the house so they won't follow us. Most regular walkers (and bike riders) know her by name.

    One evening, I was crossing the street to a nearby park (about 3/4's of a mile from home). Much to my surprise, a skinny calico cat charged ahead of us into the park. My youngest cat had managed to follow us without being detected. She really, really wanted to visit the ducks in the pond.

    This same cat also visits the outdoor patio of a nearby restaurant. About once a month, the restaurant manager calls and asks me to come get my cat.....She would definitely go crazy if she had to stay inside for a few weeks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by grouch2 View Post
    My youngest cat had managed to follow us without being detected. She really, really wanted to visit the ducks in the pond.
    Aww :-)

    Our cat has taken reasonably well to a leash and harness, but being walked when it suits us is not to her way of thinking. Even if it's three times a day. When she wants to go out she tells us, loudly, and if we refuse she continues her vigorous efforts to dismantle the three large boxes of firewood that are stacked in front of her cat flap. Apparently she can lift quite large pieces of firewood.

    Bad news is that the first stool sample, two weeks after infection, was still positive for salmonella. She has to deliver three negative samples with two weeks between each, to be allowed out loose again. But it's sort of interesting to trail her around outside and see the cat things she does up close. Windy weather is incredible exciting, then she can sit for minutes just watching and smelling. Scritchy noises in dead leaves make her go ten kinds of crazy.
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    I just gave my cat an antidepressant

    Wouldn't having a cat on a leash be preferable to letting them roam, anyway? There is a much Less chance of them being hit by cars, eaten by predators, getting into mystery items, and doing frivolous hunting.
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