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Thread: Home Gym

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    Nov 2009

    Home Gym

    Actually, the term is probably a bit much for my little fitness room, but it works for me The cast iron (black) kettlebell was loaned to me, the larger steel competition kettlebell is new. I prefer steel competition kettlebells, the dimensions are the same regardless of weight, the handle is more uniform in size, and they just feel better to me. Eventually I will have two more competition kettlebells and will return the cast iron version. The blue things on the wall is a yoga mat I cut up to both protect my apartment wall and cut down the noise from the Jungle Gym.

    What you can't see is my Gunnar on it's stand on the opposite wall, there wasn't a way to get everything in the same picture.

    Do you have a home gym? I would love to see a picture.

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    I use part of our basement for gym. I did not take pics. But we have a 46'' flat screen HD tv for videos (while we ride or use treadmill), a treadmill, our rock and roll bike trainer, weights, ball, elastic bands, DVD of runs/races, youtube videos streaming, etc. And I use all of it in a week. I love training at home as I can also play with my dogs while at it. 1 set of squats...1 ball being thrown at the end of basement for dog to catch, 1 set of weight, then I use my dog as dumbell, doing the plank? Enjoy some puppy talking at same time. They're really happy and so am I. haha

    Wish I had a better area to train but I use the space I have and am happy with it.

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    I have a home gym in the loft of my house. That's where our desks, workspace is, but since we got laptps, we end up working in the kitchen!. I have a treadmill, dvd player with yoga and functional training dvds, a couple of cycling dvds, yoga mats, weights between 2-15 pounds, stability balls, and of course, our trainers in the winter. I generally do a riding program I get on line, and don't watch a video; I listen to music or watch TV while riding.
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    I don't have room for a home gym. I barely have room for a dining table that seats two people. I can't fit a full-size sofa in my living room. When my parents visit, they get my bed and I push the living room furniture to the side and sleep on the floor on an air mattress.

    If I want to stretch, I put a yoga mat on the living room floor next to the front door. That's also where the indoor trainer goes when I ride it. The TV is next to the door.

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    A 1-br apartment isn't conducive to a home gym! I have my TV and yoga mat in my bedroom, with some space cleared so that I can do yoga and things, and the CX bike on the trainer in the living room, and I can move my computer so that I can watch Star Trek or whatever while on the trainer. My weights consist largely of carrying 42-lb bags of cat litter up to my 3rd floor apartment. (That counts, right?) If I want to do anything else, I go to the complex's gym (it doesn't have much, though). I'm going to get a set of weights eventually, I think.
    At least I don't leave slime trails.

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    Helene, that sounds very nice! Crankin, I've considered stability balls but right now am really enjoying having my Jungle Gym and kettlebells. I will stick with the KB for my strength work, at least at home. Part of me would love to have an Olympic bar and set of bumper plates. I live upstairs however, and I can see that getting noisy. I can also see me forgetting myself and try to work on movements that I should avoid (overhead work). A friend of mine has two adjustible dumbbells, she can adjust the weight from 2.5 pounds all the way up to 50 or so, I think they are Bowflex.

    I suspect I might actually use my trainer if I had a TV in that room, but I don't. Outside of the trainer I prefer to just have music when I workout, that or silence. I've been gathering quite a few workouts that feature the TRX and kettlebells so I've got what I need for now. The room is quite small, but big enough for what I need it for - and it isn't big enough to both have a tv and swing heavy kettlebells

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    I don't have a home gym because I have the clinic gym to use. But if I did, I would have the following:

    1) A pull-up bar.
    2) A suspension trainer (TRX or Jungle Gym)
    3) Kettle bells 10 to 30 lbs
    4) Furniture sliders
    5) A BoSU ball
    6) A regular stability ball

    With that equipment, you would be set to do an infinite number of differing and challenging circuits.
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    hmmm, furniture sliders are a good idea, thanks Wahine! I've also considered the long resistance bands, I will add both of those once I drop my number of days a week at the gym this summer. I won't be there 4 days a week through summer... Both are great for core, flexibility and mobility work.



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