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    Western Canada-prairies, mountain & ocean

    Liveable, walkable, cycleable & sustainable communities + shock

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    I grew up in one even though I didn't really fully know this until I left the neighbourhood as an adult. And went on to live in liveable, blah, blah neighbourhoods in other cities. Only because I already knew from childhood how convenient it is to live close to transit, services, some shops, a park....near bike routes was later.

    Now I'm in minor shock: I just googled the street and city where I grew up. Found the house that we lived in..and it's completely renovated. Looks nicer, better and with lovingly cultivated gardens.

    Note: I did sense in a vague way as a teen, that I lived in a good, safe neighbourhood with decent neighbours and of mixed socio-economic classes: working class, professionals and some students. Our family was the poorest on the street. Living in a one way, narrow street helps too..slows down cars turning off from a main street onto our street.
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