Today I was in a national fashion women's store. I was approached by a young 20's Asian-looking woman. I asked for any available smaller sizes for an above knee flared plain black skirt. She whirled out a lovely, flared light wool black skirt and said: "This is classic and so nice for work. And on weekends with white sneakers, right?" Her enthusiastic suggestion was pleasant (if also sales mart too) but I nearly dropped my mouth open in surprise:

I suddenly realized the different styles of much younger woman. I wasn't sure if she was making the suggestion to me that I looked as if I could wear a weekend outfit like that. More of an unconscious suggestion. However I seriously wonder if she would even make such a fashion outfit suggestion if I shuffled in with a walker, etc.

She voluntarily offered to search for a longer black skirt for work even though I never asked for a longer skirt to wear to work.
I said: "You know, I have to be careful as someone short and petite as I age, not to wear clothing that drags me down visually." I couldn't resist adding half-jokingly to her (though unnecessary of me): "I'm probably around the same age as your mother. I'm 55."

She answered brightly and smartly: "Actually she is only several years younger."

She will do well in life --savvy smart and polite.
The encounter made me feel oddly simultaneously old-young --in several different ways.