Hi ladies,
As I write this we're on our second big snow dump in three days - crazy! I love to ski but am missing biking without studded tires and snow-narrowed roads! Anyway, I hope you will consider joining my bike tour. It is a really wonderful group of people and is very close to a 50-50 ratio, which is not that common in the biketour world!

Give us two vacation days – and we’ll give you a Massachusetts bicycle adventure!
What do you think of when you go for a ride? What do you think of when looking for a tour? We think it’s more than just going from point A to point B. We think it’s about scenic, well-marked routes through quaint New England towns, farms and forests, lakes and rivers. We think it’s also about lingering at lunch, eating ice cream, making new friends, taking a plunge into a pond, buying fruit from a farm, watching a sunset, pedaling at your own pace, climbing a mountain if you want, recharging, and chasing a dream. Welcome to the Mass BikePike Tour, a four-day event that celebrates cycling in Massachusetts.

With experience dating back to 2007, we are dedicated to differentiating ourselves from other tours. Over the years, we have fine-tuned the details and are proud to call ourselves “The Friendliest Ride in the East”.

This year we’ll start and end in Shirley, MA, and you’ll be amazed at the quiet paradise just an hour’s drive from Boston. Visit the apple country and 18th century utopia of Harvard, savor the all-day breakfast at old-fashioned classic diner in Oxford, or try to pick which town green is the most beautiful – our vote is for West Brookfield. Along with the beautiful scenery, you can look forward to the climb to the top of Purgatory Chasm. Beer-lovers will enjoy the chance to ride by the monastery that is the first and only certified Trappist Beer brewery in the United States!

Each evening features a pre-dinner “social hour”, a nightly campfire/stargazing, and optional field trips to local attractions. The Mass BikePike Tour is affordably priced – just over $400 if you sign up before March! – and proceeds go to Massbike. There are some volunteer opportunities that will allow you to join us for free. For more information please visit www.massbikepike.org.