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    I've worn the new running knickers at my gym and LOVE them! No riding at all, while they fit like my skin, they aren't uncomfortable at all and the material is light enough that I should be able to wear them in the warmest of weather. Three pockets, two on the side of the legs and one in the back. Also tried out my two new running tank tops at my gym and that was also a win for me. I may have spent more than I planned, but these will work well for me and should last much better than my Fila fitness clothing from Kohls. THOSE are fine for the gym, but everything rides up, both tops and bottoms

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    Glad you found some you like. It is my understanding that running shorts & tights are intended to be worn commando. However there are undergarments designed for use while running (wicking). I can't remember the brand right now, but a Google search should yield results.
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