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    Ugh, so sorry to read this. I've heard of it happening, sorry it happened to you!

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    When we got a newer bike rack in March, we went back to the old location for the license plate. Just a week ago, we observed a Tucson Police Department vehicle with a bike rack on the back.... and guess what? The rack obscured the license plate. Wish I had gotten a picture of it...
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    Quote Originally Posted by WindingRoad View Post
    Digging up an old dead thread here but I just had this exact same thing happen to me in Indianapolis. I just took my roof rack off b/c I didn't like the noise it was creating. It's my birthday, heading down to the bike shop to get my ride tuned up and bam, got a ticket. Suck suck suck!!!
    I drive in Indy a lot (I work there, but commute in from another city) and my plate isn't obscured by my hitch rack when its empty, but sure is by my bike when it's on the rack. I wonder how common this is?

    Did you get the ticket on Saturday? That was RAIN, and there were tons of cars driving across the state with bike racks. I wonder if it was an opportunistic chance to make some money :-(

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    I guess I have another thing to add to my worry list.
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