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    Trek FX WSD - 7.5 vs 7.6

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    I had a Trek FX 7.5 WSD (2010) which I was very pleased with and really enjoyed riding. Unfortunately it was stolen, and I am now looking to replace it.

    I had intended to just buy the newer 7.5 WSD, but these seem to be increasingly hard to get hold of in the UK - in the UK, the 2014 FX WSD range stops at 7.4.

    I have found one stockist with the 2013 7.5, but have also found the 2013 7.6 available for a similar price, so am considering upgrading. Unfortunately the 7.6 is not available to test ride, as it has to be ordered in so I am worried that I will not love it as much as the 7.5 - I have read some reviews suggesting it is much more like a road bike than a hybrid, compared to the rest of the range. Is there much difference in the feel of the two bikes? What are the advantages of the 7.6 over the 7.5?

    I mainly use the bike to commute to work (on city roads), and for some longer leisure rides on both road and track.

    Any advice would be much appreciated!

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    Welcome to TE! I'm sorry about the stolen bike.

    From the Trek site for the UK, here are the two bikes:



    Many of the specs are the same for both bikes. I don't know enough to evaluate all the differences, which are:

    The 7.5 has 700x28 tires and the 7.6 has 700x25.
    The 7.5 has a 9-speed cassette, 11-34, and the 7.6 has a 10-speed, 11-36. Both have the same 50/34 compact crank.
    The 7.5 has a 10-degree stem and the 7.6 has a 7-degree stem.
    The brakesets are different:
    7.5: Tektro alloy linear-pull brakes w/Tektro adjustable-reach alloy levers
    7.6: Tektro RX 1.0 brakes w/Tektro RX 1.0 levers

    I can say that the tires on the 7.5 are probably a bit faster than the ones on the 7.6 -- research has shown that wider tires are actually faster, in addition to being more comfortable. But I don't think you would see much of a difference with these, and it's easy enough to change tires if you don't like the ones that come the bike you end up getting.

    I'm guessing that the different angles for the stems makes the 7.6 slightly less upright (with the handlebar a bit lower), but stems are also easy to change if you're not comfortable with the one on the 7.6.

    The 7.6 would give you more shifting options, since it's a 10-speed cassette vs a 9 speed. I'm not an expert on gearing, but I think the 7.6 adds an easier gear for climbing.

    It's not clear if the 7.6 has adjustable-reach levers for the brakes, since it's not specified on the website. If you have small hands, that might be important for you, so you'd want to ask before ordering the 7.6.

    Editing to add:

    I just looked up the 2010 model for the 7.5:


    It looks like both of the 2013 bikes have different drive trains from the 2010, which had a triple crankset (48/36/26) and a 9-speed cassette (11-26).

    Also the 2010 came with 700x32 tires. I expect you'd notice more of a difference going from the 700x32 to the 700x25 on the 2013 7.6. But you might still be able to use 700x32 tires on either of the 2013 models, if you prefer the wider tires. Someone at the shop should be able to confirm that for you.

    Can you test ride the 2013 7.5 before buying it? I'm not saying you won't like the differences between the 2010 and the 2013, since I was perfectly happy switching from a road bike with a triple and a 9-speed cassette to a newer road bike with a compact crank and a 10-speed cassette. But it would be best to try the bike out first to make sure you like riding it.

    Good luck!
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    The big selling point of the 7.6 vs the 7.5 would be that extra, lower gear in the back for climbing.
    At least I don't leave slime trails.

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    Thank you for the responses, and the comprehensive comparison of the different models.

    The shop have agreed to arrange a 7.6 for me to view/test ride, so hopefully I will get a better idea of the different feel of the 7.6/7.5 and 2010 and 2013 models from that. I do have small hands, so will be sure to check the brake levers!

    Thanks again.



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