Since the weather has gotten bad, I've decided to buck up and deal with the undergrads at the gym and go by the student rec center for spin classes.

It's actually worked out really well for me, thus far. I did half a semester of some brutal indoor classes - some 60 minute ones will lead me to do about 30 miles with a bunch of climbs (like the one I did tonight) - but, alas, school is out for the semester on Friday. There will be 10 days I will be forced out of the gym during intersession but during the rest of my 5 week break, I am looking to add in some time on the bike. Music has always been a big motivator for me indoors. If I hate the set I am working to, I won't try as hard. I see indoor work still as a huge punishment but my indoor work gets better with good music.

Any ideas about how to set up playlists and workouts? I've created a couple of 50 minute sets but it can be tedious matching my drills and intervals up to a set of songs! And I can always use ideas. Are there websites to help with this sort of thing? I don't want to lose downtime. I'm trying to stay in great shape over the winter in prep for the spring/summer. Because of the heat, I didn't get to ride my Century this year and I'd like to try to do some rides next year. My BF works a very physical job and is always able to kick my butt - even on his MTB vs. my road bike. I'd like to be in good shape this time around and need to stay super motivated.

Any ideas would be most helpful!