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    Gore Oxygen shorts - chamois question

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    My search for new shorts continues.

    I was able to try on some Gore Oxygen shorts in an LBS. They fit well enough and are not see-through, so that's good. However I'm concerned about the chamois -- the thick padded part is at least a half-inch wider in the crotch area than the chamois in any other shorts I've ever worn, and it's also significantly wider in the back. I'm really worried it would cause chafing at various crease points at the tops of my legs.

    Has anyone had a problem with this very wide chamois? I know the shorts get good reviews and there some folks here who really like them.



    p.s. for reference, the size and shape of the Shebeest Century chamois and LG Neo Power chamois have both been comfortable for me. Thanks!!!
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    I've not worn the other shorts you refer to, but I do have a pair of Gore Oxygens. They're a little too thick in the front, but not enough to cause chafing or numbness. Further laundering may help. They've passed both the trainer test and the century test for me.

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    The Gore chamois is just too big for me. I get irritation in the crease and for long rides, bunching and gathering where it doesn't belong. It's really too bad because I love both the fabric/finish of the chamois and the thickness/density. They just cover too much area! In this case, more is definitely not better. For reference, I have an old pair of the Oxygen and I have the Xenon bib and the Xenon short. They all have the same problem.

    For reference: I don't know about the Sheebest short/chamois, but I also have a new pair of the LG Neo Power short and I like that chamois a lot. My favorite chamois for longer rides is the Queen from Canari.
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    I bought a pair of Gore tights with a chamois in them, from someone on TE. They were so awful, I threw them out and I didn't even think about the money I wasted. The chamois is just like GLC described. Too wide, creased several times over, gathered and bunched on the sides, which caused incredible pain. The front was also too thick and wide.
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