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    exercise made easy?

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    So who has heard of this or who has one? Will it be catching on?


    Good for commuting but making it too easy to get exercise benefits?

    Just thought I'd see if anyone had a comment.


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    Interesting! I have friends with electric assisted bikes-and have seen people riding to work on them. Public transit is not too good here, and I imagine this is what some people are choosing as an affordable option to a scooter. I might worry about leaving a fancy high tech wheel parked with my bike though! Tokie

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    If it gets someone moving who otherwise wouldn't, I see nothing wrong with it. I've seen a couple of these at the bike rack outside of the tower where my office is located. I wouldn't be comfortable with that myself.

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    I thought a hybrid was basically a flat bar road bike? Their terminology is confusing. This doesn't convert a bike into a hybrid, it converts it to an e-bike.
    Given that e-bikes are so heavy, I'm inclined to think that having one makes exercise harder, not easier. Easier is a 17 lb. carbon fiber bike!
    This thing weighs 12 lbs and costs nearly $700. For $700, you can buy a reasonably decent bike that has a triple crankset to make hills easier!
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