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    Jun 2012

    Florida bike safari 2014

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    This looks like it could be a lot of fun. If the price of $400 is for the full ride that's pretty cheap.
    I'm looking at the 6 day ride. Hopefully I can get the time off work. Has anyone been on this ride? Thoughts?
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    Apr 2006
    Years ago I worked for a couple of different bike touring companies, and many of the employees would do this ride quite often, All had lots of good things to say about the ride. At the time, it seemed as though they camped at one campground, and would do many different routes each day... but not sure whether that is something that they still do or not.

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    Denver Metro
    I have never done it but the Florida Freewheelers are a great group of cyclist that obey the laws of the road and really stick to what they post for rides. I don't see how anything they put on could be bad.



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