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    Plus Size Cold Weather Communiting

    For the past two years I've lived two blocks from work and have had the luxury to walk to work everyday. But I've moved on to greener rental pastures and now have a 2.5 mile commute. Today was my first day trying it out with a balmy starting temp of 15 degrees and it went pretty well.

    Two issues:
    1) I'm terribly out of shape. The ride to work is down hill. I'm a bit nervous of getting home, but that's an issue only I can deal with.
    2) My top layers kept riding up, leaving my lower back exposed. That was cold. I need help with a solution.

    I'm a plus sized woman. Usually a size 20 or a 2x, with most of my weight in my belly. Even though my base layer is plus size, from REI, it isn't long enough and rides up. The sweater I had as my middle layer would have been fine, if my top layer wouldn't of kept riding up too.

    So, your suggestions on long base layers and long plus sized shells please. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    I am sort of in the same shape you are. I wear men's Champion C9 Duo Dri long sleeve shirts as a base layer. They are under $20 at Target and have different fits/styles. I do like the fit of Terry jerseys and bottoms, but their t-shirts run too small so I haven't ventured there. Besides, Terry apparel is pricey so I look for deals on ebay and other internet sites. My wind shell and my thermal jacket are both men's stlyes (Canari and LG respectively). Good luck in your search for the right fit and warmth for winter riding. There will be a lot of trial and error before you find what is perfect for you.

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    Team Estrogen (click above) has a good selection of plus size cycling clothing.

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    For the most part, I don't wear cycling-specific clothes while commuting. They are more helpful for longer rides. You can get cheaper clothes that aren't cycling specific, but perform the same functions (a base layer for wicking, an outer wind- or water-proof shell, middle layers for warmth).

    That's true for my size anyway, and I'd think it's probably even more true for plus size?
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    When looking for non-cycling but athletic gear, I've found looking at hunting/fishing gear to be helpful -- it's a population of active men and women who often are larger and the sizes go bigger. Men's stuff is generally longer through the torso than women's, although it can have other fit issues.

    You'll probably be more comfortable on the ride home, really, because you'll be working harder uphill rather than cruising downhill (more wind, less work).

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    I ended up going with Land's End for both a base layer and soft shell. Of course, it has warmed up considerably, so I haven't needed them. While I'm anxious to give them a try, I happy with weather in the 40s and I'm not going to wish for colder weather.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aboutrist View Post
    the best way for you to not encounbter any difficulties is, try to atleast lessen you weight. it will be great if you'll try to under go a diet routine and some exercise. in this case, you will not have any issues on what you are wearing and you will not feel too exhausted on your travel. this is just my opinion and i am a plus size woman before and this is what i did so i am sharing it now. thanks
    This thread is from 3 years ago, and she was asking about clothing, not weight advice. Some people don't like to talk diet.
    So long as the wheels are still turning, life is good.


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