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    Apple Cider Vinegar

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    I know this was talked about before and did find a "Braggs" thread but it quickly moved away from apple cider vinegar to other discussions so it did not provide me with much information.

    Does anyone take apple cider vinegar? I do eat salads with vinaigrette type dressing, but rarely make my own. I bought a bottle and have taken it in a glass of water (2 "doses") so far. So my questions are (I know I am rambling):

    Do you take apple cider vinegar?
    How much?
    How often?
    How do you consume it?
    What benefits do you feel it has for you?



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    I prefer the use of Braggs for use in bone broth and other cooking. I don't take it any other way - but have wondered about this myself. I will be interested in seeing what experiences others have had with it.

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    Am a bit lost. What are the benefits claimed for apple cider vinegar?

    I would tend to just take it as a vinegarette and marinade. And leave it at that. It doesn't sound right to ingest more than that in a meal. There are a few ethnic recipes that have a high concentration of a vinegar sauce: a German meat dish that uses vinegar and has a vinegar taste in sauce: sauerbrauten.

    Another Chinese traditional dish of pork hocks with dark vinegar sauce....actually to eat in celebration of a baby birth l month later. (Actually I thought according to folk medicine, it was the new mother to have abit of this vinegar sauce shortly after birth. But would need to check info.)

    I wouldn't want to have anything more stronger in vinegar taste nor amounts of vinegar.

    I see vinegar like a home mild food acid...that changes in composition in whatever you cook with.
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    I have problems with the whole idea of "taking" a food. Get plenty of alkalizing and fermented food, that's all.

    Raw vinegar is one way to do that, but over-focusing on one food automatically excludes others. Maybe you have raw sauerkraut one day, raw sour pickles later that week, kombucha another day, miso soup the next week, lots of a variety of vegetables every day, yogurt occasionally, just for example.

    If you're attuned to your body, I think it's pretty easy to feel when you're in good pH balance. Really that's one of the easiest and most immediate things I feel. It's harder (actually, impossible) for me to directly feel my microbiome - I only notice that in terms of better digestion and a more robust immune system.
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    I use apple cider vinegar as a scalp rinse. I have a very sensitive scalp and it frequently is irritated. A quarter cup of ACV diluted with 3/4 cup water, dump over my head b/t shampoo and conditioner, let it sit for a few minutes (while I lather up, shave, whatever). It's worked wonders for my scalp. Braggs' works the best. My DH picked me up some regular store-brand because he didn't know where to find the Braggs (it's in the organics section). It's okay but not as effective as Braggs.

    Incidentally, I first picked up Braggs' ACV on the advice of my vet who wanted me to use it (diluted) as a rinse for my rabbit's ears.

    I never actually eat/drink the stuff. My bottle now lives in the bathroom.
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