I haven't found a jersey sewing pattern I want to use, so I want to try to see if I can sew a bicycle jersey without a pattern. If you have a size medium short sleeve jersey that it isn't wearable anymore that you haven't thrown out I was wondering if you might send it to me. It can be stained, torn, worn out, frayed, etc. I haven't been cycling long enough to accumulate anything like this. I am looking for raglan sleeves and possibly a full length zipper. It doesn't matter what brand although I have found the two Pearl Izumi's fit me the best.

I will pay for the shipping.

I want to cut it apart and see if I can use it for a pattern. I may be able to recycle the zipper if it is not broken. Even if the zipper is broken and you can part with the jersey I'd still to get it.

I plan to make the test garment and worry about finding the hard to locate fabric later. No one says I have to use a specific type fabric so I may just try what I have in my stash.

I am not the best "original" seamstress, but this may be something I could try to do this winter. If this works out . . . maybe I will be asking for jerseys so I can just recycle the zippers.

I want to try to do this even if I might fail.