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    Since I've moved my sleep patterns have returned to what they were a year or more back. I've still been under a lot of unusual stress so it wasn't the sudden decrease of stress that provided the relief and return of good sleep. I think that there was more parking lot noise in my old apartment than I realized. The building/neighbors in particular were quiet, but not so much the parking lot. This place is MUCH quieter, and I am sleeping very well outside of the occasional bladder call. I will take it! I am a slight sleeper so that isn't much of a surprise, but this is good to know should I have problems in the future. Nothing wrong with earplugs if needed!

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    Since I was in my late teens my sleep was terrible despite work at good sleep hygiene. Fat came after bad sleep. Sleep apnea and restless leg syndrome were the primary causes of the bad sleep. My sleep improved when they were treated. There is good evidence that sleep apnea can lead to poor food choices and may effect hormones that suppress appetite. Unfortunately, treating sleep apnea doesn't seem to help with losing weight though.

    Many in my family suffer from sleep issues. Apnea is common. Sleep paralysis is common. I am from a family that dreads sleep.

    I have to take drugs to sleep, mostly to treat the RLS. My sleep apnea is a structural issue and did not improve at all with weight loss. My sleep doc says that it is actually pretty rare for sleep apnea to go away entirely with weight loss, though the severity may improve. I think that if a person snores and they have high blood pressure they should be tested for sleep apnea even if they are skinny.

    Sometimes I feel like my life is a series of pills and machinery.
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