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    Quote Originally Posted by shootingstar View Post
    Didn't know there were alot of full fat yogurt fans here. Still, I won't be actively selecting only full-fat yogurt.

    Yea, sure it's still low-fat yogurt for me and I don't eat as much as others.

    And no, I like skim milk. Whenever I do have 2-3% milk, I can taste the difference vs. skim milk. Whole milk is too rich tasting for me.
    To me, there IS a difference that I taste and see between skim milk that I've had in some areas of the U.S. vs. here in Canada.
    I can't drink anything other than skim or 1%, unless it's something that tastes better creamy, like hot chocolate or a latte.

    I usually end up getting 2% Fage, but I've discovered that the local supermarket carries the full-fat version, though sadly not in the big containers.
    At least I don't leave slime trails.

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    Although I don't drink milk anymore, I don't mind the taste of skim. I buy non-fat almond milk. Whole milk tastes like cream to me. I see no reason to put the staurated fat in my body... I eat plenty of other protein, olive oil, avocados, where I am getting good fats.
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