I am pretty decent biking uphill on mountain (even though I only use flat pedals), but the downhill single track tight switchbacks (150 degree to 180 degree tightness) scare the CRAP out of me.

I am too scared to go very fast. I have to force myself to loosen the brakes at the right moments (I am also working on the exact timing of when to pick up more speed) to give enough speed to go around the tight turns.

I force myself to keep my eyes on the path because the bikers are correct...your bike follows where you look. But I can't help peaking over at the cliff edge worrying about my front tires falling off of the cliff. This is a mental challenge that I am working on currently.

I also can't relax because I worry about getting hurt all the time (thank goodness for flat pedals....I definitely could not do this clipped in).

I am also trying to figure out whether to go around the tight curves with both legs level on the pedals and crouching more backwards(which a lot of the bikers seem to be able to do) or to have my outside leg down for better stability but more difficult to crouch backwards.

I am trying to get practice in on the technical downhill tight switchbacks but would appreciate any tips that seem to work for you all.