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Thread: Memorial Ride

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    Memorial Ride

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    As is closes in on the first anniversary of the murder of my ex-husband/best-friend/father-of-my-daughter, Peter Marvit, I thought it would be good for me to do a low-key memorial ride. So, I emailed a few friends who could ride the 51 or so miles I wanted to do (He was 51 years old at his death.) and gave a starting point, and convened a ride. Three of us finished about 48 miles in total -- including Deb W who so graciously brought delicious pumpkin bread to eat at the finish!

    The weather couldn't have been more perfect. Peter would have approved of my outlandishly colorful jersey. I joked that he would have appreciated being considered only "48" as he was always very conscious of his age. At 21, when I met him, he would bemoan every birthday with, "At this age, Mozart already. . . " So I didn't feel bad about not quite finishing the 51 miles.

    The next few days are going to be hard. The anniversary is Tuesday, September 17th. My daughter is going to school in Baltimore and I won't be able to go down to be with her. She wanted me to wait until October to visit, when she has more time. She will spend the anniversary with her step-mom.

    My birthday falls two days after the anniversary. I am determined to celebrate this year. I am going to have a gathering where I finally show slides of my partner's and my bicycle trip across country last summer. I am trying to reclaim the joy in that trip and heal from what has been a rather frightful and tragic year.
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    It was a beautiful day and a really nice ride. I've never met Peter Marvit, but learning about his life today make me wish I had. Thank you Pata, for sharing your memories.
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    I'm so glad you had a beautiful day to ride for Peter. And I'm so happy you're finding a way forward out of this difficult year. I hope time and the love of your partner, daughter and friends continues to help you heal. Peace to you and your family.
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    I am so sorry I had to miss this ride. It sounds wonderful.
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    What a wonderful and healing way to honor Peter's memory. I'll be thinking of you in the coming days.
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    I just saw this - and what a wonderful way to honor his memory! I will keep you in my thoughts in the next few days.



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