Hi - I am actually looking on TE forums for info about saddles, but saw your post and thought I'd give you my 2 cents' worth. I like Perfomance's Forte Campus pedal. They are a little heavy, but really inexpensive and not spiky. I'm a complete klutz and I haven't ripped my leg up with these.
When I got my road bike, I was so afraid to clip into pedals, I wanted platform pedals, so I got these. They are a platform on one side and SPD (mountain bike clips) on the other - the clip is pretty flat and if you put your regular shoe on it you could still pedal without slipping off. I rode on these with running shoes before I got clip-in shoes. I still keep these pedals on my winter bike because I like them on rainy days when I'm not sure I'll get clipped in at a traffic intersection (an aside - I finally got "regular" road shoes and cleats for my summer bike after my first century and the most excruciating foot pain from the tiny pressure point of the SPD cleat)
Safe riding! :-)