I headed out for my usual morning run with the dog. I've done this run hundreds of times. Every time it's 4.3 miles. I like it because we can stay in the neighborhood and there is usually someone running a sprinkler for the dog to play in to cool off.

We were cruising along, I was a bit lost in thought like I do when I run and randomly my watch beeped like it does when we hit a mile mark. That's odd, we're usually further down this street when we hit a mile. I think maybe I wasn't paying attention and missed a turn or something. No problem I can double back and make up the distance. Then not too long after that it happened again. Now I'm confused. Ok hmm maybe I didn't reset my watch before I started, but odd thing was the time was right. This kept going and my 4.3 mile run that may have actually been a bit short today ended up being 6.1 miles. I thought I had it all figured out, it's doing kilometers instead of miles well I don't know how I did that but the thing has a mind of its own at times so not a problem. I'm sure someone out there in google-land has a way to make it go back to miles.

I got home and downloaded it and the map is very very strange. My only conclusion here is that the dog and I were abducted by aliens and somehow they convinced us that we were doing our normal run when we clearly were not.

This is the route we usually take:

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And this is what my watch had this morning

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The dog look like he knows something

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