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Thread: New Cyclist

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    Hey Everyone,
    Just started cycling this month and loving it. My boyfriend has been racing (mountain and road) for more than 10 years--he's been encouraging me to ride as a compliment to my running regiment. He gave me a custom made Waterford road bike that was handed down to him from a friend--it's beautiful. Anyways, I've been riding about 20-25 miles at 17-19 mph. I thought it was fast but Chad informed me that most group rides are much longer and keep a pace between 22 - 26 mph. I'm hoping to improve. If you have any encouragement or suggestions for the new cyclist, please pass them on.


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    it's great that you have started riding and love it!
    you must be in pretty fine shape to start out so strong (at least it seems to me). the bike club that i am familiar with has rides for all pace levels (such as...open, 10-13, 13-15, 15-18, 17-22), and rides vary in length, distance and terrain (both road and mountain biking). the focus isn't racing, just getting out there to ride.
    so i guess you need to determine your personal goals and motivation for riding (which may or may not be the same as your boyfriend)......do you want to race or just ride because you love it, and then find the group that fits for you.

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    check out your local bike clubs--I know mine has a women's only ride that goes about 17-20 for 30+ miles once a week and then has another open to anyone in the community on Sunday mornings--both are no drop. I think a lot of clubs (be sure to differentiate between teams for racers only and team/club atmospheres) offer a variety of rides. By the way--I think 17-20 mph is plenty fast! I've been riding for about a year now and that's about my average speed too Really, I think that most people (especially women) who go too much faster are those who train for racing, triathlons, etc--at least that's what I've experienced on my neck of the roads...Happy riding!!

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    welcome to the best sport ever, and the most supportive boards on the internet. cycling rules, and i love every single painful, exhilarating mile.

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    You already sound plenty fast, and you'll get faster the more you ride. But unless your plan on racing, who cares how fast you go? Don't let your racer boyfriend discourage you.



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