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    Aug 2013

    Any women using STRAVA Cycling??

    Dear fellow women cyclists,

    I'm completing a masters dissertation at UCL on how people use Strava for cycling. If you have 5 minutes please fill in this survey. There is a prize draw with 5 prizes (1x£30($45) & 4x£10($15) amazon giftcards). So far 97% of my respondents have been men, really hoping to get the women user perspective as well!


    Hope some of you will be keen to participate
    Alison W.

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    Apr 2013
    I think perhaps the question you could ask is why women don't use strava. I would say that women, no matter how competitive or driven, just don't buy into it. I would like to see a strava equiv by women for women. As it is it all seems so very macho.

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    Washington, DC
    I don't use Strava because I don't see the point of it. I record my workouts elsewhere (and in private... i think there some social thing to Strava).

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    May 2008
    northern Virginia
    I also don't use it. My impression of Strava is that it's about competition, which doesn't interest me.

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    May 2013
    This was the first year in the last 4 that I've had time to train for some double centuries. I have no interest in the QOM/KOM part but I've used it this year for training stats and to find some great climbing routes to train on. It was what sent me to the Santa Ynez valley for some of the best rides I've done. I do most of my rides alone so it also gives me some sense of competition when I need it. I've met and ridden with one woman after we saw each other doing some of the same routes. It's worked well for me this year.

    edit Took your survey Alison....hope the study provides you with some useful data!
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    Jun 2013
    Did the survey.

    I have a cateye computer. It uploads to cateye atlas. I also upload to Strava because it allows me to look at data in ways that cateye doesn't. Cateye also gives me things I can't see in Strava. So, I use both. I haven't found either tool to give me what I really want which is to set a weekly mileage goal and see on a week by week basis how I'm doing. cateye lets me track how I'm doing for the current week. But, I haven't yet found where I can see week over week data. And, I have to buy premium to set goals in Strava. I haven't done it yet, but am considering. The only problem is Strava doesn't pick up my cadence data.

    I don't use the competitive features of Strava. But, they don't bother me, I'm just not good enough ... yet. I find the 'personal best' and 'awards' stuff confusing. I'm getting all kinds of notes and awards that don't seem appropriate. But, whatever.

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    May 2006
    Suburban MA and Western ME
    I like Strava (mostly), and don't think it is any less geared to women than men. Here in the northeast, we have a large number of women who use Strava regularly. I use it to track my rides/workouts, but also for the competitive aspect. I have been known to go out and do a ride simply to achieve QOMs on specific segments (lovingly referred to as Strava-whoring).

    I have also cursed Strava. I curse it when I do a hard workout, and don't get credit for certain segments (this is a GPS issue vs. Strava, but I still curse Strava). I curse it when I go out to ride with DH, and every ride becomes a Strava segment race. I curse Strava when someone takes my QOM, because I have to go out and get it back . Several times I have sworn I was quitting Strava, but I never have...

    I also like the social piece. I can comment on friends' rides and races. I have a friend who is a teacher, and not on FB, but she is on Strava. I watch teammates and competitors train. It is a useful tool, and despite the curses, I will likely continue to use it.

    Alison - I took the survey as well!

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