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    Looks like a wonderful trip!

    I have to ask ... what's the Adam and Eve (?) diorama about?

    It's been a while since we've been to Italy, but in the tourist areas it wasn't hard to find things that fit, and I outweigh you by at least 20#. You pay top dollar (top euro?) in the tourist shopping districts, obviously, and I still felt huge, but I did okay for three days in Cattolica before our luggage caught up to us. Except I've never again worn the weird pointy bra that was all I could find at short notice. It would have looked good on Sophia Loren forty years ago, I suppose. In a larger cup size.
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    Oh my. If you considered yourself large. I'd be a whale.

    Love the pics. You and hubby look really happy, and I certainly can't blame you. Looks wonderful.
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    What a trip, Crankin. You and your husband do look happy! I'm so glad you had a good time.

    As for size, I've never been to Italy, but I've always felt huge in Paris, even when I was arguably underweight. It's not just that they're thin, they're generally finer boned than most Americans. Even when I was a size 2-4 here, I couldn't begin to fit into their clothes.
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    Oak, your comment made me laugh (the pointy bra). Yeah, I still am not sure where all the short, extremely skinny women I saw buy their clothes; we did go into a huge department store (the one that has a large food/wine/coffee tasting eating area on the top floor... that's where we took the pics of the chocolate shoes) and I did not see any petite sized clothes, even in brands that I know have them.
    OK, so the Adam and Eve diorama was in the first room of the museum about the history of wine, in Barolo. The theme was sort of how wine has been integral to many aspects of society since ancient times. I have to say, this is the strangest museum I have *ever* been to. Even stranger than Mass MOCA, where we once saw an exhibition labeled "Balls," which was a bin filled with children's playground balls. The wine museum was inside a castle and not at all what I expected.
    This trip confirmed (what I already knew) that I prefer to look at the architecture of Renaissance buildings from the outside (churches, castles), but I really don't enjoy going through them. I like to walk around cities and get a "feel" of the culture, stopping in smaller shops and historical places. We did enjoy going to the Palace of the Savoys and the Archeological Museum in Torino, but when we got to Milan, we walked to the Castle and it was just mobbed with groups of American and Japanese tourists. We had already decided we would not go inside the Duomo there, which was a good thing, as even the major shopping area around it was filled with throngs of tourists. We decided after seeing the courtyard of the castle, that Milan would be focused on shopping.
    Renting an apartment for the week in Torino also gave us a really good take on what it's like to live in Italy. Even though DH has been there a few times for business and was totally familiar with the city, we had to negotiate the grocery store, toll booths, highway signs, etc. in Italian. Let's just say, I have even more respect for any immigrant who has to learn a new language. I am pretty good at languages, but I relied on my knowledge of Spanish and a few expressions I know in Italian to get by, as well as I Phone apps. Quite different from when we went to visit our son when he was studying in Siena, and we had a personal translator. However, the people were very friendly, epecially if you tried with just a few words.
    Indy, you hit the nail on the head. The women and men are very fine boned. Every time I saw a 30 something guy, I thought I was seeing my older son, who is 5' 6.5" and weighs about 120. He certainly fit right in there.
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    Cool, didn't know those shoes were chocolates..maybe I didn't look closely.

    Maybe you were situated in more tourist areas where the clothing that you saw were sold. After all, those fashion cities are also catering to other European tourists, who are bigger boned..from Netherlands, Germany, Scandanavia..Italy is a very different country for them also.

    It is noticeable when trying on cycling clothing from Italy, it most definitely.....fits smaller boned people.

    As for wandering inside those architectural monuments...true, especially if overrun with crowds it really is harder to contemplate, even see the artwork.
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