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    Dec 2010
    Boise Idaho

    Helping out our fellow bike travelers

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    Just spent a fabulous weekend in Sun Valley Idaho with my DH my DD, biking and fly fishing. The drive back to Boise covers some barren high desert, quite hot. At the top of a climb, I saw two cyclists standing under a lone tree, stripped to the waist. I know this stretch of road, no water for miles and miles. I was looking for a place to turn around and check on them when two more cyclist went past. I drove past, stopped in front and ask if they needed water. They were very grateful. They hadn't anticipated the heat. I only had a gallon of water but was able to refill all their bottles. The two other cyclist I saw were their friends so they said they would share.

    I put this out as a reminder that when we are in our vehicles we should always carry a gallon of water, to offer assistance to the weary bike traveler. Had I been going the same direction I may have even offered to haul them up the hill, it is a long one.
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    Helping out our fellow bike travelers

    That is so kind of you Skyking. What an angel you are. You may have really saved them from serious heat complications.

    I'm sure that good karma will come back your way.
    "Don't go too fast, but I go pretty far"

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    Thank you for stopping (: wish everyone was like you.......



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