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    Quote Originally Posted by skibum
    I wear shorts with tights over them and so does my BF. I asked him once why so many guys do it the other way. He said he didn't know of any guys that did that and thought it would be quite uncomfortable. So, I pointed out a guy that looked like he was wearing tights with shorts over them. He replied, those are leg warmers. Around here at least, where it doesn't get too cold, the shorts + leg warmers combo is pretty common for the guys.
    Thanks for the insight, skibum. Maybe the guys that Surly saw were wearing legwarmers and it just *looked* like they had the tights under the shorts.

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    I wear my padded shorts under my tights. However, my brother-in-law is a masters road racer. During the recent very cold race, he had quite a bit of chafing in certain spots (can't say specifically!) and one of the other male racers told him to put his tights under his shorts. When he did so, he said it cut down on his problems ...
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