I'm just after tips, please, and any experience from others who've been in the same position.

I was diagnosed with an overactive thyroid in early June. It was a real shock, I thought it was the menopause starting as the symptoms were hot flushes and heavy night sweats. I had been losing weight too, but wasn't unduly alarmed or bothered by that. My tsh was <0.02 and I was put on 15mg of carbimazole daily and given an endo referral for 3 weeks later. I felt better pretty quickly on the carbimazole. When I saw the endo he referred me for more bloods the same day, said that his gut feeling (based on my lack of symptoms) was that my bloods would be close to normal, and booked me in for a ultrasound thyroid scan (tomorrow) and a radioiodide thyroid scan next week. His secretary phoned this week to say that my thyroid had gone from overactive to underactive (in just over 3 weeks of treatment) and to stop taking the carbimazole immediately, which I did. I'm booked in for more blood tests in 4 weeks and have another endo appointment the following week to see where we're at and to review the treatment plan. Apparently I'll be seeing him for 12-18 months.

Generally I feel fine, and I'm very aware that boosting my fitness is a good thing to do. The endo is fine with it too. It will help maintain bone density when my thyroid is running hyper, and will keep my baserate metabolism higher and minimise weight gain when it goes hypo. I've added in C25k (couch to 5k for running - 3 sessions of 20-30mins every week), and that's going well. I'm keeping rides short while it's hot, and am doing one or two easy sessions at an outdoor gym every week for weight training. .

I'm conscious that I haven't cycled further in 5 miles for some time, though I am riding two or three times every week. I'm sure that it's fear that's the limiting factor here, I have such strong memories of my heart racing after a ten mile ride and eating almost everything in the house, that was the last ride before I was referred for blood tests. The endo said he was sure I'd be fine with picking up longer rides again, and that I had "the heart of an athlete". By longer I'm talking 20-25miles, and probably not until the autumn when it's a bit cooler, but I'd like to get back to 10-15miles in the meantime.

Any experience or tips please? Thank you for reading.