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    Twin Cities, Minnesota

    My Specialized Ruby took a bath in the pouring rain.

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    SO and I took our bikes to Mandan/Bismarck, ND to go riding. My daughter lives there now because she is was admitted to the graduate physical therapy program at University of Mary. We attended the July 4 parade with her in Mandan ND. Before the parade it rained and poured and poured and poured and then it got beautifully sunny and warm so the parade could start. The bikes were on the bike rack on the back of the car and, of course, were thoroughly drenched/washed. Is there anything special we need to do for the bikes? They did get quite a "drying" because the sun did come out for the 3 hour parade and then we had to drive back to the motel. So not only were the bikes "sun-dried" they were also air dried.

    We took a fantastic ride on July 5 and nothing seemed to be amiss with the bikes.

    I am "credit-card" mechanic. I'd rather have the LBS do my work for me lest I screw it up.
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    Lube that chain up and you should be good.

    I ride in the rain all the time, including the last four days, mostly not on purpose, but it's South Florida, and it rains nearly every day in the summer. I just dry my bike well after the rain, and clean and lube the chain. I've not had a problem.
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    If the bikes weren't moving (either on their own or on a moving car) during the rain, then just lubing the chain should be sufficient.
    Oil is good, grease is better.

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