[]As I'm getting a bit anxious for our upcoming RSVP ride from Seattle to Vancouver BC, I Googled the ride and stumbled on Mimi's ride report. It was written several years ago. What a delight to read about her and Don on their tandem. The photos were incredible (Mimi: your lost camera story sounded like something I would do after frying my brain on a two day ride!). Since all but one of us (the Coug) started our adult years in Bellingham, we at least know our way around town. Shouldn't have to worry about getting lost.

I hope our little group has 1/2 as much fun as you and Don did. You didn't, however, make me feel a bit better about "the Wall". Guess I'll have to keep working at those dreaded hills! Hopefully Don will be there, giving a little push to us that need it the most!

Thanks for sharing.