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    Fun Fundraising Ideas?

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    I'm doing TNT for the millionth time*, and since donors get burned out, I've decided to try to do my fundraising through events and parties, instead of the ol e-mail/fb request combo. I've got a short list, including wine tasting at the local winetasteria, some sort of restaurant night (I hear Chipotle does one), and maybe a drag queen tupperware party.

    Those of you who've done fundraising events, what was the most successful event you've had? How about the most fun?

    *Actually it's the fifth, and I'm going for my triple crown with cycle team. Woohoo!
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    This may be more than you want to do but what about a fun scavenger hunt on bikes or a mini amazing race. Also goofy old fashion county fair stuff - pie eating contests, limbo dancing, pie toss, kissing booths, balloon shaving, pin the bike on the TNT route, grasshopper, turtle or frog races the list is endless
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