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    Aug 2010
    Wilts, UK

    still riding....

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    I haven't been around here much, but want to fix that. I hope that you're all well and enjoying summer or whatever season you have right now.

    I didn't ride much over our long UK winter and cold UK spring, the bike that saw the most action was my mixte for running errands, though I did get a few short rides in on my Vita. I'm still doing a lot more walking than I was - chasing my 5year old on the school run most days. She is a demon overtaker on her purple Spesh hot rock with stabilisers and has left more than a couple of perplexed cruising teens in her dust as I pant along behind her.

    I'm thinking about changing my mountain bike. The more I ride my cherished WSD Vita, the less comfortable I feel on my Hard Rock and as a result it's getting ridden a lot less and I'm missing out on some gorgeous countryside and quality time with dh who prefers off-road to road. I think I'll have a look at the Myka in either 26 or 29 format. I'm also thinking about putting some thinner tyres on my Vita as she rarely goes off-road and I'd love the extra speed. At the moment she has the thickest tyres that would fit, but she doesn't really need them. The long winter without much riding has taken its toll so I need to work at building fitness again not to mention smooth mounts and dismounts. I don't want to spend the rest of my cycling life topping out at 20mile rides, though at the moment I'm still working back up to that!

    Not sure if I've any other cycling news.... My Vita has a B17 saddle now that is gradually breaking in, I put the seat-post up a wee bit and went faster on the next ride Both my Hard Rock and Dawes are suffering in the comparison to the Vita to be honest, though I wouldn't swap out the Dawes for anything else for errands even if a loaded basket does send the steering off-kilter

    Time to catch up with you all....
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    Columbia, MO
    How's the little one doing? Is she too big for the trailer yet?
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    Sep 2007
    Uncanny Valley
    Heh. You are hooked, aren't you? Good to see you.
    Speed comes from what you put behind you. - Judi Ketteler

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    Sep 2010
    Whitmore Lake, Michigan
    Good to see you around here and your story about your daughter whizzing by the teens cracked me up! I could envision head down and elbows out and flying along.

    We had a tough long winter with almost no spring here too, glad you're out and about on your bikey!
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