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    Cool MS NH Seacoast Ride

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    I've just purchased my first road bike and only taken if for a few rides, due to weather, obligations, etc. However, once July is here, I will be able to ride daily and gain more experience.I've ridden a hybrid for many years. I haven't yet tried clipless pedals, but will look into them once I have some time. I've never done a charity ride, this one has 25 and 60, so seems reasonable. Has anyone done this ride, and does the route change each year? I'm wondering how difficult the terrain would be as I can't seem to find any information about the route. It sounds like fun and a good beginning experience. I'd really like to give it a try!

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    This is probably pretty much the same route as the Seacoast Century. It is mostly flat; the worst thing is the wind! The scenery is beautiful, however, I would think twice about riding along Hampton, Northampton Beaches in July and August, unless you are starting very early in the AM. The inland portions would be fine.
    You would be able to do the ride, trust me.
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