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    Numb tingling feet

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    Last year I noticed my feet would start getting tingling and some what numb during rides over a hour and half or so, sometimes one foot was more of an issue than the other. I originally thought the shoes were to tight so I loosened the laces as much as possible, but that had little effect. Then I put orthotic inserts into both shoes....haha...fixed the problem or so I thought.
    This year, >2 hrs into the ride both feet start tingling and getting numb. This is occurring on both road bikes which makes me think the issue is probably the shoe?
    If I unclip and wiggle the toes around it helps, but not much. Once the tingling and numbness starts nothing short of getting off the bike and talking the shoes off seems to help. Once it flairs up and i stop and get off the bike for a bit,
    20-30 minutes back on the bike its back.
    Both bikes have eggbeater type pedal so riding unclipped for short periods is not the safest thing to be doing....I tried it..lol

    I don't have the foot issue on my hybrid bike which i ride unclipped and has plain cheapo flat pedals on it. I'm thinking about swapping out the eggbeaters and trial a flat pedal and see if that makes a difference. It may look weird but the feet might be happy.

    I have tried playing around with the cleat position on my shoes, that doesn't seem to solve the issue.
    Or....is the numb feet related to the seat position?
    Anybody else with numb feet?
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    What shoes do you have? Is it possible that you need a stiffer shoe?

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    Try different insoles as a first go. Give the specialised ones a try. They have the metatarsal button thing which is supposed to help. After that you might have to hit up a fitter to take a look (more $).
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    Numb feet is mostly likely a shoe fit issue, but it could be related to the placement of the cleat and your foot on the pedal, too.
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    I went to my LBS and they changed my specialized shoe insert to the blue one and it helped. I also moved my cleat position farther back toward the arch of my foot and that also alleviated most of my problem. I still ride my road bike in Mtn bike shoes and SPD pedals but those two things helped the most.



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