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    Travel bikes - easiest options?

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    I'm sure some of you have travel bikes.. If I ever go custom, I've always noodled with making it packable but am a bit intimidated by the whole break down and set up process. I have sorta considered something like bike fridays but I'm unsure about their ride and their versatility. Just seems like too much money for something specific that I'd only use occasionally. I think I'd rather get a custom bike I can use on all my normal riding and then when and if I want to travel with my bike, bring it with me.

    Of the options out there - s&s coupled and the ritchey system (are there others?) - which is easier?

    Easier means:

    1. Easier to break down and re-build up
    2. Easier to pack
    3. Easier to transport (e.g, s&s might be great but air fees might apply)
    4. Any other "easy' I'm missing?

    Anyone have thoughts out there?
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    I take my Bike Friday everywhere and rotate it with my "regular" road bike when I'm at home. I've taken my Bike Friday to Europe, out west, all over the east coast of the US. I rode the Natchez Trace on it a few years ago, loaded. It was great. It's very easy to pack and it's a delight to ride. It's a Pocket Rocket Pro. Try a few out--Bike Friday keeps a database of customers who are willing to let people try their bikes out. There might be someone near you.

    SS coupled bikes are alot more involved to break down and pack up. I wanted to get SS couplings on my Luna but the top tube is not round, so that's when I went with the Bike Friday. I'm so glad I did--it's so versatile and I don't feel like I'm riding a "funny" or folding bike at all. And the thought of cutting my Luna in half was just too much.

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    I don't have a folding bike but I know several people with Bike Fridays and they absolutely love them. They ride them locally, including for long road rides, in addition to commuting with them and traveling with them.

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