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    So excited: I'm going to volunteer on Ironman Tahoe

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    I'm so excited. I get to work the medical "ICU" tent for Ironman Tahoe. One of our local docs is the medical director. He picked me to run the ICU tent. We'll have an orientation, but my understanding is that it's for people who need observation and/or IV fluids, but don't necessarily have to go to the hospital. I'm going to be assigned the afternoon shift, so I can watch the racers for most of the morning.

    This is the inaugural Ironman Tahoe. It's going to be a hard race. Not only do we expect the racers to underestimate the effects of altitude, but the bike ride is going to be TOUGH. The medical crew is starting to brainstorm on how to get the word out to the racers about racing at altitude, swimming in cold water, etc.

    I've done a few volunteer medical tents for other activities, but never anything of this scale.

    Have I mentioned that I'm really excited?

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    That is great! I would LOVE to volunteer at an Ironman sometime. I will look forward to hearing about how it goes at Tahoe!
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